Solplanet ASW3000-S G2 grid inverter

Solplanet ASW3000-S G2 grid inverter

The S G2 series models are compact, powerful and extremely eficients.

The ASW3000-S G2 provides maximum energy production in unfavourable conditions, by using Solplanet's intelligent "ShadeSol" shade management system.

The model also features enhanced PV system security with optional AFCI function and it includes optional 24/7 monitoring, which allows for enhanced control during the day and night.


Including €0.63 for ecotax

VAT included


ASW3000-S G2

The new generation of single-phase S G2 inverters with an increased input current up to 16A, is designed to be used in conjunction with the latest generation of photovoltaic modules.

The ASW3000-S G2 inverter has a compact wall bracket and IP66 rating, which adds reliability to your installation.

The zero injection limitation, DC reverse polarity protection and AC sensitive residual current monitoring function ensure long-term operation with a strong focus on safety for installers, end users and improved installation protection.

It is equipped with Phoenix Contact DC connectors, which ensure quick and easy installation, configuration and operation via Solplanet applications.

Plug and Play Wi-Fi and 4G pens allow easy monitoring of up to five inverters and can support users to monitor power data 24/7, including customers' household data through the optional "Night Monitoring" feature.

solplanet app


sem som

Silent and discreet operation


IP66 rating
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use


Easy to install
Light, compact and easy to install


Remote monitoring
Configuration and operation via the Solplanet application


Output Power 3000w
Input Power 4500Wp
Number of phases 1 - Single-phase
MPPT inputs 2
Vox max 600V
Vmp Range 60~560V
Start-up Voc 100V
Dimensions 368 × 325 × 145mm (L × W × H)
Weight 9.5kg
Warranty 10-year product warranty (extendable up yo 20 years)


Wi-Fi included
368 cm
325 cm
145 cm
9.50 kg

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