Grid Inverters

Mains inverters for solar energy and injection in the mains for single-phase or three-phase self-consumption solar photovoltaic systems.

Fox ESS S2-2000 Grid-Tie Inverter
VAT included
FOX-ESS offers an unmatched range of single-phase inverters. The single MPPT S-series models are smaller and more compact, with an IP65 rating. The Fox ESS S2-2000 grid-tied inverter is single-phase, reliable, efficient and allows you to do Wi-Fi network monitoring.
Solplanet ASW2500-S G2 grid inverter
VAT included
The S G2 series models are compact, powerful and extremely eficients. The ASW2500-S G2 provides maximum energy production in unfavourable conditions, by using Solplanet's intelligent "ShadeSol" shade management system. The model also features enhanced PV system security with optional AFCI function and it includes optional 24/7 monitoring, which allows for enhanced control during the day and night.
Fox ESS T3-G3 Grid-Tie Inverter
VAT included
The T-Series range of inverters is intended for small-scale three-phase domestic and commercial installations, offering unmatched performance and versatility. T-Series three-phase inverter options range from 3kW to 25kW. The Fox ESS T3-G3 grid-tied inverter enables real-time Wi-Fi monitoring via smartphone mobile app or website.
Solplanet ASW 3K-LT-G2 Pro grid inverter
VAT included
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The models of the LT-G2 series, are reference three-phase inverters of the Pro version. The grid-tied inverter Solplanet ASW 3K-LT-G2 Pro offers high performance with the latest innovations and updates that give it flexibility, power and reliability. It is a new reference for large-scale residential, commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems.