fimer uno-dm single-phase grid inverter

Fimer UNO-DM-4.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q Grid-tie inverter

Fimer UNO-DM- 4.0 is a highly reliable, single-phase grid-tied inverter capable of remotely controlling the performance of your solar panel.

VAT included

Fimer UNO-DM-4.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q Grid-tie inverter

Founded in 1942 it is a privately owned company that currently has over 1100 employees.

It is the fourth largest manufacturer of solar inverters in the world, which are produced entirely in Europe.  

These inverters of the UNO-DM-PLUS family have a 10-year warranty.

They have built-in protection against overvoltage, SPD Type II. 

The advantages of this inverter:

  Easy and fast installation

The presence of plug and play connectors on both the DC and AC sides, as well as wireless communication, allow for quick, safe and simple installation.

pot%C3%AAncia.png   Built-in Wi-Fi

Integrated logging capabilities and direct data transfer to the Internet allows customers to experience Aurora Vision® remote monitoring.

energia.pngEnergy Viewer

Through this inverter, customers can remotely control the performance of their solar panel, gathering the necessary information to increase energy self-sufficiency. 

luzes.png  Future-proof

The network inverter Fimer UNO-DM-4.0 allows remote access to the user's web platform. It also has a dynamic control of consumption (including zero injection, through the installation of an energy meter).

fiabilidade.png High Reliability

These inverters are highly reliable, Only 0.05% of the inverters fail under warranty. 

monitoriza%C3%A7%C3%A3o.jpg   Online monitoring

The energy monitoring platform enables solar power plants to monitor the main indicators of energy production, including the entire flow of energy from the grid. 


Did you have any idea that... in the year 2020, Fimer acquired ABB's solar section?

So, were you in the mood to learn more about this subject? We suggest you watch the video below:

Output Power 4000w
Input Power 4250v
Number of phases 1 - Single-phase
MPPT inputs 2
Start-up Voc 200
Dimensions 553 × 418 × 175mm (H × W × D)
Weight 15kg

10-year product warranty

10-year production warranty


Wi-Fi included

15 kg

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