sma sunny boy single-phase grid inverter

SMA Sunny Boy 4.0 Grid-tie inverter

The SMA Sunny Boy 4.0 grid inverter is single-phase, easy to install, and has an attractive, compact design.

VAT included

SMA Sunny Boy 4.0 Grid-tie inverter

SMA, the world leader in photovoltaic system technology with 100% German manufacturing. 

SMA sets standards for the supply of decentralized, digital and renewable energy. In other words, it drives the

development of equipment for renewable energy systems, such as grid inverters.

The advantages of this inverter:


These grid inverters are very compact, taking up as little space as possible.


They are very reliable inverters and extremely easy to install. 


Over 96% efficiency. 

 Online monitoring

In addition to being efficient, they also have online monitoring in real time via Wi-Fi.

 Attractive design

This series, apart from being compact, also has an attractive design.

Do you know how to install it? See the video below:

Output Power  4000 W
Input Power  7500 Wp
Number of phases 1 - Single-phase
MPPT inputs 2
Vox max 600 V
Vmp Range 100 V /125 V
Dimensions 435 × 470 × 176mm (L × W × H)
Weight 17.5kg
Warranty 5-year warranty (with the possibility of upgrading to 10 or 15 years)


Wi-Fi included
17.50 kg

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