Roof bracket with rafter adapter

Roof bracket with rafter adapter

The roof support with spark arrestor is a modular structure, dimensioned and designed with the most demanding safety standards.

VAT included

Roof bracket with rafter adapter

The adapter beams is an easy-to-install structure with a universal  fastening system.

In this sense, it is adapted to any type of roof, with a total guarantee of 25 years.

It is aluminium, thus preventing material degradation and corrosion in the long term. 

What is included?*

perfis Roof frame for solar panels
fixadortopo " Z " end holder w/ screws
fixadorintermedio Intermediate holder " T " w/ screws
rafter adapter adapter beams

* Quantities vary depending on number of modules and layout.

Structural warranty 25 years
Anti-corrosion warranty up to 25 years

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