Sunwoda Atrix Power cable and communication cables

Sunwoda Atrix Power cable and communication cables

The Sunwoda Atrix Power Cable and communication cables are essential components for the integration and efficient operation of the Sunwoda Atrix energy storage system.

Founded in 2002, Sunwoda is a leading company in the technology and electronics sector, specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of products, including lithium batteries, solar cells, consumer electronic devices and automotive electronic components.

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Power cable and communication cables

Sunwoda Elctronics, founded in 1997, has become a global leader in the field of lithium batteries.  Headquartered in Shenzhen, Sunwoda has established subsidiaries in the USA, France, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

It has successively won the Shenzhen Mayor's Quality Award and has been listed as a Tier 1 automotive battery producer by Benchmark and repeatedly honoured by Xiaomi, vivo, Nissan, ZEEKR, DFPV, DFLZ, GAC and others, and produces batteries for electronic devices for renowned brands such as Apple.

With a future-orientated vision and an ongoing commitment to excellence, Sunwoda continues to expand its global presence and drive innovation in electronic technology, offering advanced and reliable energy solutions to customers around the world.

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