Schneider Electric Conext 4048 48v Charger inverter

Schneider Electric Conext 4048 48v Charger inverter

The Schneider Conext inverter charger is flexible, easy to install, and compact.

VAT included


Schneider Conext 4048 48v Schneider Electric Conext Inverter

The Conext series includes charging inverters that are similar to each other, differing only in their power rating.

Advantages and features of the Conext 4048 inverter chargers:


The Conext inverter charger is perfect for off-grid, backup power, and self-consumption applications for homes and small businesses.

facilidade instalação.png   Ease of use

The design of the mounting bracket makes it easy to hang the inverter on the wall.

  High Efficiency

Excellent load start features with high peak power of 30 minutes and 5 seconds.

Want to learn more about these inverters? Watch the video below:

Output Power 3800W
Nominal Voltage 48v
Charge Amps (AC) 45A
Dimensions 387 × 343 × 197mm (L × W × H)
Weight 33kg
Warranty 2-year product warranty
33 kg