Kit Off-grid Elite 140800Wh / 30k Three-phase

Elite off-grid solar kits are designed for simple and uncomplicated assembly, ideal for houses, hills and holiday resorts with daily use and no access to the electricity grid.


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Form for sizing off-grid system

Form for sizing off-grid system

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140800Wh / 30k Three-phase

Designed for intensive daily use, and made up of the best manufacturers of off-grid components (Studer, a historic manufacturer with 100% Swiss manufacture and a 10-year guarantee, and Cegasa batteries, a 100% Spanish historic manufacturer), with no maintenance whatsoever (apart from occasional cleaning of the panels), the Elite off-grid kits allow remote electrification with absolute reliability.

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Firstly, what is this service made up of? This optional pre-assembly service is made up of galvanised, lacquered, laser-cut and bent steel plates. In terms of advantages, as well as making installation easier, it also drastically reduces the labour required.

It should also be noted that stand-alone off-grid solar systems are quite complex, which on the one hand requires work and on the other requires expertise when installing them.

Before the systems are sent to their intended destination, they are configured and tested by our professionals on our premises, who ensure that all the requirements are met and that nothing fails. This makes them accessible to all installers, whether they have experience or not.

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icone painel solar   140800 W

icone inversor   30000 W

icone bateria solar  54.0 KWH

grafico 960w


The system is shipped in a pre-prepared kit for simple assembly, with oversized electrical cables and electrical protections. 


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hyundai 480w

64x TW 550w
Mono Shingled


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studer xtm 4000va 48v

2x Studer Next 3


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estrutura telhado

4m Battery cable 70mm2


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studer xcom lan

4x MC4 stick Weidmuller


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studer rcc02

240m Solar cable 6mm2
(red option)


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studer xcom can

240m Solar cable 6mm2
(black option)


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cabo solar 6mm

4x DC 1 String
Protection Frame


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baterias pylontech

1x DC board - with battery cut-off
4 inputs/outputs - 1 cutout350A


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quadro dc

4x Kit Cegasa Ebick Ultra 13.5kWh

PV power 140800 W
Inverter power 30000 W
Number of phases 3 - Three-phase
Compatible batteries Cegasa
Weight 2372,390kg
Inverter warranty 5-Year base warranty
Solar panels warranty 25-Year Product Warranty
25-Year Performance Warranty
2372.39 kg

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