With Decree - Law no. 153/2014, it became legally possible for individuals or entities to produce their own energy, being connected to the electricity grid.

UPAC - Self-consumption production unit

The energy produced is consumed locally, and that energy is being saved from the public grid. With the extraordinary price reduction of solar photovoltaic technology in the last 5 years, this form of energy has become cheaper than the public grid. Thus, in addition to the avoided emissions of pollutants and CO2, the return time is extremely low, usually less than 5 years. All the energy produced is injected into the home network.

For example, if the consumption is 1000w, and the solar system is producing 700w, it will only consume 300w from the grid, a considerable saving. We have small ready-to-assemble kits, and we also dimension and install larger systems for large consumptions.

A self-consumption system consists of:

  • Photovoltaic modules: produce DC power
  • Grid inverter: converts DC power to single or three-phase AC
  • Production Meter: Required for more than 1500w

It is also possible to STORE surplus energy, with bi-directional inverters and batteries, avoiding wasted solar energy, when production is greater than consumption. This energy is used later when the energy produced is less than domestic consumption.