Off-grid / Stand-alone Solarshop Kits are ideal for permanent housing (PRO kits), occasional or weekend (EASY) kits.

All kits have a battery backup (50% discharge) for about 48 hours in case of bad weather, and a portable generator input / output so that the batteries can be charged if necessary.

They are very similar to the hybrid kits, with the difference of a greater backup capacity in the batteries.

The kits consist of:

- Panels (produce energy throughout the day)

- (PRO KITS) Charge controller (converts and controls the energy of the panels, storing it in batteries)

- (PRO KITS) Inverter / Charger - Converts the energy stored in the batteries into alternating current, single or three phase. Charge the batteries if necessary through the mains or generator.

- (KITS EASY) Inverter "hybrid" - They are inverters that besides the function of inverter and charger, they include in the same box the load regulator.

- Batteries (store solar energy)

- Solar cable for independent strings (avoiding losses due to the joining of several groups of panels, with high currents in a single cable)

- Overdimensioned battery cable and protective fuses

- Housing with DC protections for panels, with individual fuses per string, and for positive and negative fuses

- Preassembly for easy assembly

- Structure for fixing the roof or flat roof modules (specify on order)

The PRO KITS have the advantage over EASY, the use of batteries with more cycles, Victron equipment, more efficient, quiet, and reliable for constant heavy loads.

It should be noted that the kits presented are standard. We will be happy to size your solar system autonomously or hybrid. Contact us for free!