Premium 900w solar self-consumption kit

Premium 900w solar self-consumption kit

The Premium 900w solar self-consumption kit is composed of the best materials on the market, with Solarday modules.

VAT included

Optional accessories

Support for Solar Panels

Wifi Monitoring

Premium 900w solar self-consumption kit

PREMIUM MONO self-consumption kits are composed of the best materials in the market, with Solarday modules that stand out for their high efficiency, 

and the resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Finally, they contain all the necessary components for self-consumption installations, with optional structure.  


icones60x60pequenos.jpg 800w       icones60x60pequenos7.jpg  900w 



The system is shipped as a pre-prepared kit, for simple assembly, with oversized electrical cables and related electrical protections.

solarday 450w

2x Solarday Mono 450w

hoymiles mi 800

1x Hoymiles MI 800 w/connector and cap

hoymiles dtu

(Optional) Hoymiles DTU-W100 USB (monitoring)

suporte telhado

(Optional) Roof Structure


(Optional)  Ground Structure 1 to 1

2 to 2 terrace structure

(Optional) 2 to 2 terrace Structure

power cable

20m Power Cable


Male Plug or Circuit Breaker

gosund steckdose 1X Gosund Smart Steckdose power meter (if you choose the male plug)
PV power 900 w
Inverter power 800 w
Weight 55kg
Inverter warranty 12-Year base warranty
Up to 25 years expandable warranty
Solar panels warranty 25-Year Product Warranty
30-Year Performance Warranty
55 kg

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