ECO 2880w solar self-consumption kit

ECO 2910w solar self-consumption kit

The 2910w ECO Solar Self-Consumption Kit is highly efficient and resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

VAT included

Optional accessories

Support for Solar Panels

ECO 2910w solar self-consumption kit

ECO self-consumption kits are composed of the best materials on the market, with Hyundai modules that stand out for their high efficiency 

due to PERC cells, and resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

It should be noted that ECO self-consumption kits do not contain the electric cable, the male plug, and the production meter.

Finally, they are ideal for customers who wish to upgrade an existing system, with an optional structure. 


icones60x60pequenos.jpg 3000w       icones60x60pequenos7.jpg  2910w 



The system is shipped as a pre-prepared kit, for simple assembly.

hyundai 480w

6x Hyundai Mono 485w

goodwe xs

1x Goodwe GW-3000-XS w/Wi-fi


(Optional) Roof Structure


(Optional) Ground Structure 1 to 1

suporte terraço 2 a 2

(Optional) 2 to 2 terrace structure

PV power 2910 w
Inverter power 3000 w
Weight 155.8kg
Inverter warranty 5-Year base warranty
Solar panels warranty 25-Year Product Warranty
25-Year Performance Warranty
155.80 kg